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What is online test platform?
This is a web based application for conducting online test or survey. Yoctel has developed a very comprehensive application to cater any kind of requirement for online test. This can help you conduct Test, Quiz, survey, or provide online assignment to your student. See the overview and features of the online test platform.
Is it for sale or Yoctel provides it on rent?
OTP is available in both the options. This is one of the best online test platforms in the world because it is developed after very long research using huge worldwide sample space of question type and test type. So it is a costly affair for the organization to get it developed. Hence depending on the budget of the organization they can go with rental basis or can get it customized for them through Yoctel.
Do we get admin control of the online test platform?
Yes you do! The admin facility provided with OTP covers a wide range of your requirement.
Can we upload questions ourselves or we have to send or mail to you?
Yoctel's OTP - "Exam on air" is the most advance online test platform in terms of the facility for uploading of questions. You are provided an administrator's panel. Through this panel you can upload the word file of your question paper at one go. This is as simple as attaching a file while sending an e- mail!
Does it support multi language question paper
Yes! It supports any language in which a question paper can be typed on MS Word. But the indexing of questions or options and markers should be in the prescribed form.
What kind of questions Yoctel's OTP supports?
It supports almost all type of questions in general examiners use for online test. Few to mention-
  • MCQ single correct
  • MCQ multiple correct (Ref. IIT JEE 2011 Questions paper, CSIR (NET)-June -11)
  • Group MCQ single correct like comprehensions or data interpretation (Ref. IIT JEE 2010 Questions paper and CAT - 2010)
  • Group MCQ (multiple correct) like comprehensions or data interpretation
  • True and false
  • Integer Type (Ref. IIT JEE 2011 Questions paper)
  • Matrix match or the match the column type (Ref. IIT JEE 2011 Questions paper)
  • Linked questions (Ref. GATE -2011)
  • Assertion and Reasons type (Ref. UPSE CS - 2011 Prelims)
Can we upload questions in bulk through a single file or questions are uploaded one by one?
As far uploading of questions is concerned, this is one of the most advance online test platforms. It gives you not only the facility for bulk uploading of questions but also allows you to use the same word file of the question papers which you might have got typed for your class room tests! More over the software intelligently and automatically detects sections, parts their titles and instructions, questions, options, answer, and explanations and segregates them.
If I've taken Yoctel's OTP where it will be hosted? And what will be the URL?
The URL will be the link provided by you or a sub domain at your official website. If you don't have website then we will provide a sub domain on the exam on air.
What are the provisions for security and secrecy of our questions uploaded for tests?
There will be written agreement between you and Yoctel (the parent company of exam on air) that Yoctel will neither use nor circulate the questions provided by you. Never the less the questions are stored in the data base encrypting the major part of the questions. Hence even some one attempts to retrieve the questions directly from the data base, will not be able to get usable data.
Who will register students we or students themselves?
The platform has administrator panel in this panel you are provided a facility for managing the students. Here you can register students one by one directly. Through a single excel file bulk registration can also be done. More over if you want you can allow visitors of the platform register themselves directly then approve later on.
Registration of students is paid? Is there any limit? How charges are applicable?
No! there is no charge on the registration of students! The charge is only on the creation of a test on an uploaded question paper and on the registered students when he/she takes the test. See the tariff plans
What are the parameters of the analysis of the performance of the test takers?
OTP provides you analysis of the test performance with graphical representation and that too with different point of view, such as Student’s point of view, Faculty’s point of view, Directors point of view, parent’s point of view, Institute’s point of view etc. there is facility to get all these analysis on the subject or on a particular module of a subject or even on a particular sub module of a module of a subject. Difficulty level wise analysis is also available. Various innovative meters like Accuracy meter, Status o’ meter, Aptitude o’ meter, Latent o’ meter etc. are never before available tools for you to help you analyze the progress, performance and psyche of your test takers.
Is there any performance report which student can download for future reference?
Yes! A beautiful and a very compact report is generated after every test, Which the student (test taker) can download in .pdf format. This report contains tabular and graphical analysis of the students on various parameters. The report also contains the various meter displaying the status among students, Accuracy and the aptitude of the students. This report is especially being acclaimed by our OTP users.
What are the facilities available on the admin control of the OTP?
The admin facility provided with OTP covers a wide range of your requirement. Few to mention-
A. Dash board
B. Upload Question paper
C. Manage Students/Batch
D. Add student sequentially or in Bulk through Excel.
E. Send Message to student via mail & SMS.
F. Create test from question paper.
G. Classify paper on the basis of Subject, Module, Sub module & level wise.
H. Assign Marks to Questions according to the user’s desire.
I. Schedule Test for different user.
J. Create Grade On different Parameter.
K. Display paper Analysis on administrator's desire.
L. View & print Report of each user.
M. View answers response of each question.
N. Upload video for Explanation.
O. Upload news & notice.
P. Change logo & header Footer of home page.
How much time required deciding and conducting an online test containing approximately 100questions? Assuming the question paper is already typed.
If the exam pattern is also already created then with a normal plus internet aptitude it will take two to five minute in the uploading of questions and at most five to ten minute in defining the rule for the test (classifying questions, marking scheme, attempt rules etc.) hence at most seven to fifteen minute is the maximum time your require to start from scratch.
How questions are displayed before the test takers? The complete test paper or certain number of questions at a time?
Currently four questions on a page are displayed. There is paging bar through which the students navigate different pages to get different questions. There are two options for students to answer a question a. Students can select their correct option/s on the question it self b. There is a virtual OMR sheet displayed throughout the test centre, which is available all the time (Which student can hide or make visible), irrespective the question number student is attempting. In this way test takers get both the type of environment- Online test and simulation of offline tests! Very soon Yoctel is going to provide a facility at the admin end of our clients where they can set themselves the display type for example they will be able to set that questions are displayed one by one for a particular time or they can set the number question to be displayed.
What if while taking the test internet connection breaks?
For taking tests the internet connection is required only initially to start test paper and while submitting the test, in between there is no requirement of the internet connection.
Can our test takers view their all previous test records and their analysis?
Yes. Every registered student when logs in get in to his/her profile, where every test record and reports are available for his/her own record.
Can we define marking schemes? If yes then what are the types of the marking schemes?
The OTP handles almost all type of conventional and in use practices of marking patterns used for conventional MCQ tests and different type of psychometric tests. Some of the references are- MCQ with multiple correct and partial marking, negative marking, positive marking, marking of linked questions that is marks or evaluation of one question depending on the response of the previous question, matrix type or match the table type question in such type of question marks can be set on row basis or even on the basis of each cell.
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